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Mátyási Péter: Wunderwelt


Opening: 1st December 2016, Thursday, 6 p.m.  
Opening speech by: Josef Wurm, artist

Open until: 24th February 2017. 

Marge Monko and Katrin Kamrau’s collaborative project, titled Gevaert As Image opens on the 15th January at the FOMU Antwerp. The project is part of Braakland which is an open festival that celebrates the diversity of photography and prioritizes the dialogue between artists and the public. The                            exhibition will be on view until the 28th January. 


Szilárd Cseke’s artwork also can be seen at the Oltre Rome group exhibition, which opens on 25th November 2016. The exhibition is on view in the Galleria dell' Accademia d’Ungheria in Rome until 13th January 2017.



Further information: www.facebook.com 

Éva Mayer’s work will be shown at the Imprinting group exhibition from the 16th November 2016 until the 15th Januray 2017 at MODEM in Debrecen.